Dylan Scott Almost Missed Touring With Luke Bryan Cause He Didn’t Answer His Phone

Dylan Scott Almost Missed Touring With Luke Bryan Cause He Didn’t Answer His Phone

Dylan Scott is having a blast out on the road with Luke Bryan and the Proud To Be Right Here tour – but it almost didn’t happen because Dylan didn’t answer his phone!

The story is, Dylan was at home working in his yard with equipment that was not cooperating, leading to his levels of frustration rising. It was then his cell phone rang, but he didn’t feel like answering in the moment. It wasn’t until his manager called a second time that Dylan thought he should answer the call – and good thing he did, because not only was Dylan’s manager on the line, but so was Luke!

Dylan recalls, “I was mowing my yard, I got a phone call from my manager and I ignored because I was…it was hot, it was a hot day…I was aggravated, my mower wasn’t working right, so when I got the second call I knew…okay I should probably answer this right. So, when I answered it they were both on the line and it was just really cool because Luke said ‘Hey, how about you quit mowing and just come out on tour with me,’ so I have to say I was I wasn’t too aggravated anymore.”

And since then Dylan has learned Luke’s own phone number which he jokes, “I saved Luke’s number, so now when he calls, you know…I can pick it up the first time!”

While he loves being out on tour performing for fans, Dylan says – outside of doing yardwork with a broken mower – being at home is the best time for him.

“It is cool to be able to go out on the road, and play music, and people sing it back to you…and you know, think you’re this…or whatever…and then to come home and just be absolutely normal, but I just try to stay normal all the time.”

Speaking of home, Dylan says, “15 years now, I’ve been with my wife and it don’t feel like it, it really don’t. .Every day just feels like another new day…she’s just cool man, she keeps things fun, she keeps things light-hearted, and we have 2 kids running around the house now. so it’s just a lot of fun at my house.”

Dylan likes to share some of those fun moments with his fans – like the time his son, Beckett, became a “7 time World Champion”

Dylan has a great relationship with his kids, and his son is getting to age where he kind of understands what his dad does for a living, Dylan says, “Beckett kind of gets what dad does cause when we were touring I got to take him out and he’d see me on stage, so he still kind of gets that. My daughter, (Finley) she doesn’t quite understand it yet. But, that’s another thing that makes it cool. Knowing, my son hears me on the radio and he sees me on stage, I’m a super hero in his eyes.”

Beckett is now listening to his dad’s new single on the radio, “New Truck.” Check out the music video from Dylan Scott right here…

Photo Courtesy of Dylan Scott


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