FGC 2020 Families of the Year Awards – Nominate Now

The annual recognition and celebration returns, as the Family Guidance Center of Alabama is excited to accept nominations for the 2020 Families of the Year Awards! The deadline is September 18, 2020.

As FGC shares, “since 1959, the Family Guidance Center of Alabama has provided comprehensive family services to help improve the quality of life for the children, couples. and families of our communities. In an effort to recognize the foundation of our communities – the family unit – the Family Guidance Center sponsors the Families of the Year Awards. Families chosen by the Selection Committee will be recognized at an annual Families of the Year Awards Ceremony.”

The criteria is the following:
Family Teamwork- Working together in everyday tasks or special challenges such as family crisis, household chores, and family outings.
Individual Growth- Helping each other accomplish personal goals in such areas as education, sports, friendship, careers, and special interests.
Family Involvement- Participation in community activities such as church, volunteering, youth activities, athletics, organizations, or other activities.
Rules of Eligibility:

Traditional families, step-families, single parent, and adopted families are eligible for nomination; Nominated families must live in Central/South Alabama area; Family members need not live under the same roof, but must function as a family, demonstrating the listed criteria; Nominators may nominate only one family per year; and
Nominated families must agree to the publicity release.

I-92 WLWI is proud to join others in our community to support and promote this wonderful recognition program hosted by Family Guidance Center of Alabama.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out and submit a Nomination Form for the Annual Families of the Year Award.


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