I-92 Up Close and Country: Dylan Jakobsen

The I-92 series Up Close and Country continues, showcasing country music. This time, it’s up and coming artist, Dylan Jakobsen who stopped by the I-92 WLWI studios to perform a couple of songs. One of them being his original song, “In America.” A song with such a fun and upbeat vibe to it! The other song Dylan performs for us a cover the classic Tom Petty jam, “Free Fallin'”

Dylan Jakobsen isn’t your typical country artist. He didn’t grow up on a farm & he doesn’t drink alcohol. His love of country music stemmed from artists like Church, Stapleton & Petty whose lyrics helped him find his voice as a writer and shape his career. His newest release [I Am] walks you through a story 25 years in the making. From writing the songs, playing the instruments and producing it in his home studio,

Watch the exclusive acoustic performances from Dylan Jakobsen below!

Dylan Jakobsen “In America”

Dylan Jakobsen “Free Fallin'”

Check out Dylan Jakobsen’s website, click here!


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