Play 10 Seconds from the Beach for a Vacation

I-92 WLWI will have you 10 Second from the Beach, and you get to pick the destination! Options include the Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach, Holiday Inn Express & Suites Panama City Beach or the Holiday Inn Panama City!

Listen to 92.3, I-92 WLWI daily at 12 with Andi Scott and at 4 with Greg Thomas. They will let you know when to call the studio to be the 5th caller at (334)860-9200. If you become the contestant, you will be given a topic and 10 seconds to provide 5 responses related to the topic. Here’s an example, name 5 things you bring to the beach. You could answer: 1) towel; 2) sunscreen; 3) a cooler; 4) sunglasses; and 5) a book. There’s just about no wrong answer, just about. I’m sure you could probably think of an answer which has zero relation to the topic. Just have fun with it, because you could be winning a really fun vacation from I-92 WLWI!

Now, what’s the prize and how do you get it? Each day in the 12pm and 4pm hours, our winning contestant becomes an instant qualifier. Then, each Monday morning after 10am, Andi Scott will draw a name from the list of qualifiers to win. The winner receives 3 days and 2 nights at one of the three Holiday Inn locations in the Panama City Beach area. The options are the Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach, Holiday Inn Express & Suites Panama City Beach and Holiday Inn Panama City. All qualifiers who haven’t been randomly drawn to win remain in the pool of qualifiers through the duration of the contest. In other words, once you qualify, rest easy, you don’t need to try and qualify again. One other note, you must be at least 21 to qualify, and win. No transfers or substitutions are allowed.

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Learn more about each of three exciting Holiday Inn destinations in the Panama City and Panama City Beach area. Holiday Inn Panama City, click here. Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach, click here. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Panama City Beach, click here.

Making a splash for the 92 Days of Summer with a beach vacation on us, it’s I-92 WLWI!

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