Joe Nichols Talks About His College-bound Daughter & Making His New Single “Undone” More Risqué

Joe Nichols sits down with Chuck Wicks and Kelly Ford for a new episode of Chuck Wicks Off the Record.

Joe jokes about sending his oldest daughter off to college, golfing in Texas, his new single, “Undone,” progress on his upcoming album, and more.

Show Participants

  • Joe Nichols
  • Chuck Wicks, America’s Morning Show co-host
  • Kelly Ford, America’s Morning Show co-host

Show Notes & Links

Show Quotes

  • “When you live in Texas, you just come up [to Nashville] when you have a new album.” Kelly Ford
  • “I didn’t think you were a smart guy, but now it’s all coming clear.” Chuck Wicks to Joe Nichols
  • “[Joe] comes off as kinda dumber than a box of hammers, but he’s not.” Kelly Ford
  • “When she asked me to put on the [University of Tennessee school color] orange, I said ‘Nope.’” Joe Nichols
  • “No, I didn’t [write ‘Undone’]. If I did, it would have went a lot further.” Joe Nichols

Chuck Wicks Off the Record, Ep. 26, 9 minutes


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