Greg Thomas comes to town from from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he lived for the past 14 years. He’s originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Does this mean he knows how to paahk the caah at haavaad yaahd? Well, his accent isn’t thick like that, in part because he has been living in the Deep South for a long time now.

Montgomery, Alabama makes a great fit for Greg, since he’s a history buff (and there is so much history in the capital city) and for the simple fact people around here love college football, like he does. So on a fall Friday at the radio station, will he wear crimson or orange? Well, let’s just remind folks he did live in T-Town for 14 years, so that probably answers that question.

Greg has been interested in radio and being a DJ since he was a little boy, spinning tunes and pretending to be on the air. One of the biggest treats for him traveling with family was the chance to listen to different radio stations (this was way before streaming was available). He found himself interested in what stations did between the songs and how they marketed themselves with contests and promotional events.

In his spare time, Greg loves getting out to community events, especially for special causes. He also loves to run, work on his old X-Terra or get into a home DIY project.


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